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The Art of Tying a Cravat: Noeud Gordien.

It has been my long held belief that my husband is actually the reincarnation of Beau Brummel. He can be annoyingly precise about the fit and tailoring of his historical garments (so much so that, as his personal tailor, the thought has crossed my mind on occasion that a few forgotten sewing pins left in strategically placed seams might be warranted). One area where he lacks Brummel's skill as a fashionable perfectionist is in his ability to tie a neckcloth or cravat. But, he is okay with this deficiency since he has me to apply the finishing touch to his 'dandyism'. 
This year for Christmas I gave my husband a copy of the 1828 publication by H. Le Blanc, The Art of Tying the Cravat: Demonstrated in Sixteen Lessons, Including Thirty-two Different Styles. My thought, when purchasing this book, was he might learn how to tie his own neckcloth without following me around in a perpetual state of undress at reenactments or prior to the start of a special event at Stephenson House…

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